Monday, October 8, 2012

Hunter Valley part 2 - Twine restaurant

While we were in Hunter Valley, our attention landed on this new restaurant which just opened in September 2012. Their signature dishes were the Singapore chilli mud crab and the half dozen oyster platter.

Just for the Singapore chilli mud crab, we decided to give it a try. Our booking was at 6pm when they just finished setting up the restaurant and lit up the candle lights. We liked the sight of the interior decorations as it seemed simple, tidy and elegant.

We got to our table and here comes the menu, so we picked according to our plans of 2 signature dishes. In addition, we decided to try out 1 of the main as well just because we thought it won't be enough.

Complimentary breads

Twine Oyster platter $22.00 - half dozen

Including Vodka pomegranate and lime caprioska, Cucumber and chilli sorbet, Smoked salmon, creme friache and salmon caviar, Pancetta wrapped, Truffled thyme and prosciutto crumbed with parmesan cream, Tempura with Asian crab salad.
I found the platter quite amazing! One thing to mention was that we thought the base for the oysters were dry ice, but instead it was too soft and we found out it was actually salt!
Each oyster were served with addition of different flavours and textures, while some were excellent, others didn't seem to work out very well. What I enjoyed the most was the Tempura with Asian crab salad, just because the taste of oyster went really smoothly with the crab salad. Bun said the Cucumber and chilli sorbet one was nice too as it was very refreshing, and you also get that contrast of hot and cold feelings on your tongue.
What I didn't really enjoy was the Vodka pomegranate and lime caprioska, even though it was an interesting presentation idea, I just found the way that the oyster was soaked in alcohol has created a stronger bitterness than I thought.

Oh hello, high tea time?? No no, look carefully! There are no scones, no sweets and no finger sandwiches. But the top layer had a crab sitting there peacefully, and followed by a bowl of coconut rice underneath, and then finally the tools and cleaning equipments at the very bottom.

Singapore chilli mud crab with coconut rice $8 per 100 grams
So here it was, the chilli mud crab that we have been waiting for! We were so excited and couldn't wait to get our hands dirty. The sauce was intense, and full of different flavours. I really enjoyed mixing the sauce with the coconut rice, just to make the sauces a little lighter with the scent of coconut.
Initially we were rather being modest with our finger digging, but by half way none of us really cared about how much sauce were smudged around our fingers. By the end of the digging process, I think there were some sauces stuck on our cheek, our neck, and all over our hands. It was a fun experience to eat carelessly, where you just want to enjoy the food with your whole heart. You will understand once you start on it too, like that satisfaction of gulping down a fat piece of crab meat sticking out of the claw.

Crispy skin pork belly braised in master stock with steamed broccolini and five spice pear puree $36.00
We actually regret picking this, not only because we were so full from the previous dishes already but also it didn't turn out like what we expected. The skin was very sticky and they just hugged onto my teeth for a century after each chew. Although the puree actually delighted up my appetite a little as it had a sophisticated taste. It was a nice try, but we'd be happy with just the previous 2 dishes already.

The feeling of trying out a new restaurant was very pleasant, as there were anticipations and curiosity. We had a romantic and intimate dining experience there, but if we have to make a suggestion, I would say the crab on the top tier was a little difficult to reach and the sauce can splat out onto your clothes if you don't be careful.

310 Oakey Creek Rd, Pokolbin
Phone number:
(02) 4998 7449 (Matt or Adam)

Opening time:
Open 7 days for Lunch
Friday and Saturday for Dinner "A la Carte"
Every Sunday evening for "Fireside Dining menu" from 5.30pm to 7.30pm

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