Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NZ Part 4 - Christchurch and Akaroa

Our last stop of New Zealand trip was Christchurch and Akaroa, these two places gave me completely different feelings and experiences.

We probably all knew about the Earthquake in Christchurch, but can you really imagine what the post-Earthquake scenes may look like? That day I had the chance to carry my camera to capture all the areas that were affected by the Earthquake. I had to say I was pretty shocked at the damages and the construction sites, and I tried to imagine how beautiful Christchurch would have been if none of these happened. The street was almost deserted, but occasionally you can see some other people like us, walking around and taking pictures. With all the pictures burnt into my mind, I hope Christchurch will manage to rebuild the city and bring it back alive soon.

While we were there, we came across the Thai Container. It immediately caught our attention as the food was served in a caravan. The people there were very friendly, and the prices were alot cheaper than I thought. To be honest, at first we had strong doubt on the tastes of the food, but this doubt quickly vanished as we had that initial mouthful of amazing flavour.

We've ordered the following, and seriously I couldn't believe how well the sweet, sour, and spicy flavours blended with each other.

The curry was extra chilli, and it was perfect to eat along with the Jasmine rice. The heat and the aroma wrapped around each other, grabbing all your senses and tempting you to sweat like no tomorrow.

151 Bealey Ave, Christchurch, New Zealand

Phone number:
0211 394 881

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During the day, we went on a short road trip to Akaroa where we call it a "French town" due to its history. You can see the village and houses had a strong French influence, which added a bit of romance for the little town beside the harbour.


Many people recognised this Lighthouse as an icon of Akaroa, it had a bright orange roof which you can't miss even if you are far away.

We decided to walk along the harbour side and came across here to have some Fish and Chips!

We ordered some oysters to kick off lunch, I found these weren't as salty.

Ta-da! Fish and...Fries?? Awwww...I actually didn't expect this. I had such a deep impression that the chips should always be thick and come in golden colour...oh well, despite that part, the fish was excellent! The crust was perfectly cooked with the tender core, and a bit of salad would just balance out the flavours.

We also walked into L'Escargot Rouge, and I found some ginger bread and random biscuits on the shelf. Then there were people sipping coffee, eating croissant, and enjoying their afternoon sunshine.

Funny how we recognised this ice cream was the highlight of Akaroa trip. Why? It was unlike all the ice creams we ever had. We picked cookie and cream flavour, and you know how sometimes the ice cream was abit runny and melt into the cookies? Or in some cases the ice cream didn't have the right amount of sweetness? This one was like, frozen to the right temperature where it wasn't melting and yet didn't cost too much effort when using the spoon to scoop it out. The ice cream was VERY milky, and I mean it VERY milky. It was a little similar to Hokkaido milk, and somehow the sweetness perfectly complimented the cookie pieces.

I really miss the ice cream. *sniff*

67 Beach Road, Akaroa, New Zealand

Phone number:
03 3048774

Opening time:
7 days from 8am

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