Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jamie's Italian

We saw a huge Chandelier through the glass, shinning up the entire entrance like as if it was a bright welcome sign. Yep, we were finally at Jamie's Italian (about time!?). I think I was a little hooked on Polenta Chips since Bloodwood, so we have decided to visit here to hunt down this famous dish.

The interior was really big, it went all the way inside and also with tables upstairs. We saw a range of wines, rows of breads, and a bookshelf full of Jamie Oliver's cooking books. The excitement started to build up, as we slowly walked up that wide stairs with our friendly waitress.

There were small and intimate tables, tall pub table, and large group tables. The lighting wasn't as dim as we thought, as they had single light bulbs almost at every corner. We loved the setting and the mood that was created, it somewhat evoked a nostalgic feeling.

The menu came in a single page, presenting lots of choices in which circulated in our heads. We then ended up picking what we thought were the most classic Italian dishes.

I loved this particular shot of the tables behind us, looking out towards the colourful city lights. I liked the combination of dark green, red and brown colours, they matched really well with the background.

Fresh Juice  $4.50

Bun ordered this orange juice to satisfy the thirst, he gulped down half of it in a few minutes and that put a warm smile on his face.

Crispy Squid $12.00

Bun loves squid, and this dish has always been a "MUST" for a dinner like this. The sauce was a little sour so we didn't dip too much of it, I guess the squid itself has already got enough flavour. Another thing I found amusing was the random garlic chips I picked up on the side mmmm...however, the portion was smaller than what we had in mind, and hence we managed to finish the dish at the speed of light.

Famous Polenta Chips $8.50

Bun stared at me as I ate them one by one like a maniac or some kind of vacuum machine, this dish left me speechless, stunned, whatever you call it. I loved how crispy the fried coating was, and how they came in perfect size for the bite. The Parmesan covered them like snowflakes, giving that extra bit of texture. It was my favourite dish for the evening, and I would definitely recommend this for any Polenta Chips lovers!

Tagliatelle Bolognese $12.50 (entree size)

We both love Bolognese, and we certainly won't miss out on this one! The mixture of beef and pork along with the herbs and Parmesan, have hugged tightly onto each other and brought out that nostalgic flavour to our mouths. The good old Bolognese never disappoint us, perhaps we should've ordered the main dish size ($19.00).

Game Meatball $22.00
(Note: "Game" refers to any animal hunted for food, or not normally domesticated)

Ok, I think we picked this dish purely out of curiosity. It turned out a little different to what we thought, but the taste certainly amused us. (HA! I see Polenta again!) The meatball was well-cooked so it pretty much broke off as soon as we dug our forks into it. We loved the combinations of everything on the plate, and it was very fulfilling too.

JI Warm Brownie $9.00

By the time we reached desserts, our stomaches were pretty full already. Despite this fact, we still decided to order separate desserts! Bun loved his Brownie, the combination of cold vanilla ice cream and the warm Brownie satisfied him, completely.

Before I go on with my adventure of the Tiramisu cake, here's a picture of my stomach at the time...

 *Cough* Sorry to kill your eyes with my messy drawing and the unnecessary description...let's move on shall we?!

Tiramisu $9.50

This thing was HUGE! I could immediately foresee my failure to finish this beautiful cake. The coffee flavour was very strong, just as what I liked about Tiramisu. I loved the layers and the bits of orange mascarpone, it was one of the best Tiramisu cakes I ever had. Unfortunately, I had to leave it when I was half way due to explosion inside the stomach.

We loved every single bit of Jamie's Italian, whether it was the attentive service, the brilliant dishes, the overall atmosphere...it was a really enjoyable dinner. We can't wait to recommend this place to our friends, and hopefully we can come here as a group next time and try out heaps more dishes :D

107 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW

Phone number:
02 8240 9000

Opening time:
Mon - Sun  11.30am - late

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Priscilla @ foodpornnation.com said...

that bolognese looks really good in that pic. I hate it when you wish you got a main size and instead you order an entree.

I've never had the tiramisu at Jamie's but I always make it for dinner guests. It absolutely delicious!!!

My Hunger will go on said...

Yea haha it was! In fact all the dishes were very tasty >< lol we wished our stomaches were bigger!!
Oooooh! You make Tiramisu cakes?? That's so cool!! ^^ I'm sure it tastes just as good!!

Missy Piggy said...

Yay - you tried the Polenta Chips. Aren't they AMAZING! I want some right now.

Love your tummy drawing...hilarious.

My Hunger will go on said...

Haha thanks Miss Piggy! I tried to draw the polenta chips in the tummy drawing but it turned out looking like some random cheese blocks T-T but yea, their polenta chips are the best!!