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Four Friends - Meeting with Katze 2013

There was a Buddhist story about four friends including a bird, a rabbit, a monkey and an elephant, they then work together towards the benefits of all...

On the particular summer afternoon, "My Hunger will go on" was invited by Nicola from Polkadot PR to meet up the owners Katze and Jimmy of "Four Friends" at Crows Nest. It was indeed a wonderful and memorable experience for us.

Before you start reading more, we'd like to share a story with all of you. This is an ordinary yet beautiful story behind the creation of "Four Friends", and "My Hunger will go on" was very glad to have the opportunity to hear it from Katze (Apologies about the background noise as there were other customers there on the day).

Now let's have a look at this small yet unique café that's full of love, joy, and sweetness...

We found this café straight away with its banner displaying the animals from "Four Friends". The café was actually opened at end of 2012, and it was owned by a lovely couple Katze and Jimmy.

We were greeted by friendly staffs and a whole selection of Chocolates behind the glasses. The variety was so colourful and it certainly did grab our attentions.

We noticed they had some products made for the upcoming Christmas, and these will surely make a delightful treat for the kids.

At "Four Friends", they also have High Tea and it seemed just as amusing as its Chocolate selections :) I found the decorations at "Four Friends" very cheerful and fun, they almost reminded you of childhood, where things are so colourful and simple. We spotted this large print of the animals from "Four Friends", they seemed to have pointed out the direction of more features waiting upstairs.

Before we headed upstairs, I have noticed these Macarons, again they were colourful.

Also we couldn't stop admiring this box that's full of Chocolates with amazing designs, and it seems to be a cute Christmas gift for someone you love.

After heading upstairs, we realised the area was actually quite spacious. There were sofa, chairs and tables, and they all had piles of magazines on them for people to read. The back area had 2 smaller chairs and sofa, dedicated to the lovely kids who visit here with their parents.

Guess what this is? (Yes, it's the wall!)

We saw Jimmy first where he offered us to try their milk Chocolate drinks, they were soon delivered by the staffs in luxurious-looking cups and plates that came in golden stripes. Katze later told us she wanted them to catch people's eyes, they definitely have!

Here was our tasting plate at "Four Friends" for the day, and it was called "The planet" according to Katze. There were different desserts on the plates, some big, some small, they all came in different shapes and colours, yet they were all sweet and aimed to bring happiness. Katze believed this reflected our world and our planet, regardless of the differences in us, we shall be considered as one (A larger tasting plate is also available called "The galaxy"). Katze also emphasized on the importance of being stress-free and eating healthy these days, hence she strives to create their products with organic and natural ingredients.

See the lucky cat on the left hand side? Katze encouraged us to try it after we had a go on all the other sweets. Honestly, we didn't expect what was inside, and it turned out to be the biggest surprise of the whole plate. The inner core was covered in pieces of popping lollies, something to remind all of us of our innocence and happiness back in our childhood days.

Katze said the most important thing in life is "Happiness", where we shall stress less, respect each other, be ourselves, be grateful of what we have, and love and support the world we live in. She has seen so many busy people nowadays who perhaps already forgotten how to smile. Thus she wanted to create somewhere people can sit and relax, and somewhere calm and peaceful, somewhere just like home. She believes "Four Friends" is somewhere unique like this, somewhere she hopes to bring others happiness.

"My favourite animal is elephant", Katze said it when we talked about the four animals, I asked why. Her answer was very simple, as she sees elephant as the most gentle and peaceful animal in the world.

Next time you pass by Crows Nest, perhaps you shall stop by "Four Friends". Perhaps you shall sit there and just breathe in the friendly air, and forget all your worries and anxieties. Sometimes happiness is all about simplicity, so clear your mind and just pause for one moment. Then perhaps, you will feel the efforts that this young couple has put into "Four Friends" and learn to appreciate little things again in life.

Thank you so much to Katze and Jimmy for sharing their inspiring story with  "My Hunger will go on", we will certainly look forward to seeing them again sometimes in the future.


5/29 Holtermann Street, Crows Nest NSW

Phone number:
0415 068 881

Opening time:
Mon - Fri 7am - 5pm
Sat 9am - 5pm

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