Thursday, December 26, 2013

How to make Spicy chicken (Korean style)

Firstly, hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! :D I love cooking so today I decide to share another 1 of my simple recipes!

Bun always loved Korean food, and especially chilli food. So I decided to make a simple homemade version of Korean spicy chicken, served with rice and a bottle of beer for Bun to enjoy.

600g chicken thigh
Milk (an amount that covers the chicken thigh)
Potato starch (enough for the chicken thigh)

For marination:
Soy sauce..........1 tablespoon
White/cooking wine..........1 tablespoon
Grated garlic..........1 teaspoon

For the sauce:
Chopped garlic..........1 teaspoon
Chopped onion..........1 tablespoon
Tomato sauce..........2 tablespoon
Korean spicy sauce (BekSul)..........2 tablespoon (or more if you prefer more chilli)
Soy sauce..........1 teaspoon
Sugar..........1 tablespoon
Sesame oil..........1 teaspoon

(The Korean spicy sauce and potato starch can be found in Asian grocery stores.)

(Chopped onion and garlic and the sauce in separate bowls)

1-2 people


1. Wash the chicken thigh and soak it with milk for about 20 minutes, this helps to get rid of any smell from frozen chicken and makes the meat tenderer.

2. Wash the chicken again, drain the water and chop into desirable sizes. Then marinate them for at least 30 minutes.

3. Roll each of the marinated chicken onto the potato starch evenly, and then leave them aside for about 3-5 minutes.

4. Start deep frying the chicken in the oil pan (set on 180 degrees) until golden, then leave aside to drain the excessive oil.


5. Get a large pan and stir fry the chopped onions and garlic until aromatic. Then put in the sauce and chicken and stir them to ensure the sauce is evenly distributed over the chicken.

TA-DA! It's ready to be served with rice!

You can probably try to add in pieces of pineapples or sprinkle some white sesame over the top, as these will make the chicken tastier!

I am still a beginner (total noob actually ^^") and seeking for many ways to improve on my dishes, so feel free to drop me any comments on suggestions :D Have fun cooking and eating!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Four Friends - Meeting with Katze 2013

There was a Buddhist story about four friends including a bird, a rabbit, a monkey and an elephant, they then work together towards the benefits of all...

On the particular summer afternoon, "My Hunger will go on" was invited by Nicola from Polkadot PR to meet up the owners Katze and Jimmy of "Four Friends" at Crows Nest. It was indeed a wonderful and memorable experience for us.

Before you start reading more, we'd like to share a story with all of you. This is an ordinary yet beautiful story behind the creation of "Four Friends", and "My Hunger will go on" was very glad to have the opportunity to hear it from Katze (Apologies about the background noise as there were other customers there on the day).

Now let's have a look at this small yet unique café that's full of love, joy, and sweetness...

We found this café straight away with its banner displaying the animals from "Four Friends". The café was actually opened at end of 2012, and it was owned by a lovely couple Katze and Jimmy.

We were greeted by friendly staffs and a whole selection of Chocolates behind the glasses. The variety was so colourful and it certainly did grab our attentions.

We noticed they had some products made for the upcoming Christmas, and these will surely make a delightful treat for the kids.

At "Four Friends", they also have High Tea and it seemed just as amusing as its Chocolate selections :) I found the decorations at "Four Friends" very cheerful and fun, they almost reminded you of childhood, where things are so colourful and simple. We spotted this large print of the animals from "Four Friends", they seemed to have pointed out the direction of more features waiting upstairs.

Before we headed upstairs, I have noticed these Macarons, again they were colourful.

Also we couldn't stop admiring this box that's full of Chocolates with amazing designs, and it seems to be a cute Christmas gift for someone you love.

After heading upstairs, we realised the area was actually quite spacious. There were sofa, chairs and tables, and they all had piles of magazines on them for people to read. The back area had 2 smaller chairs and sofa, dedicated to the lovely kids who visit here with their parents.

Guess what this is? (Yes, it's the wall!)

We saw Jimmy first where he offered us to try their milk Chocolate drinks, they were soon delivered by the staffs in luxurious-looking cups and plates that came in golden stripes. Katze later told us she wanted them to catch people's eyes, they definitely have!

Here was our tasting plate at "Four Friends" for the day, and it was called "The planet" according to Katze. There were different desserts on the plates, some big, some small, they all came in different shapes and colours, yet they were all sweet and aimed to bring happiness. Katze believed this reflected our world and our planet, regardless of the differences in us, we shall be considered as one (A larger tasting plate is also available called "The galaxy"). Katze also emphasized on the importance of being stress-free and eating healthy these days, hence she strives to create their products with organic and natural ingredients.

See the lucky cat on the left hand side? Katze encouraged us to try it after we had a go on all the other sweets. Honestly, we didn't expect what was inside, and it turned out to be the biggest surprise of the whole plate. The inner core was covered in pieces of popping lollies, something to remind all of us of our innocence and happiness back in our childhood days.

Katze said the most important thing in life is "Happiness", where we shall stress less, respect each other, be ourselves, be grateful of what we have, and love and support the world we live in. She has seen so many busy people nowadays who perhaps already forgotten how to smile. Thus she wanted to create somewhere people can sit and relax, and somewhere calm and peaceful, somewhere just like home. She believes "Four Friends" is somewhere unique like this, somewhere she hopes to bring others happiness.

"My favourite animal is elephant", Katze said it when we talked about the four animals, I asked why. Her answer was very simple, as she sees elephant as the most gentle and peaceful animal in the world.

Next time you pass by Crows Nest, perhaps you shall stop by "Four Friends". Perhaps you shall sit there and just breathe in the friendly air, and forget all your worries and anxieties. Sometimes happiness is all about simplicity, so clear your mind and just pause for one moment. Then perhaps, you will feel the efforts that this young couple has put into "Four Friends" and learn to appreciate little things again in life.

Thank you so much to Katze and Jimmy for sharing their inspiring story with  "My Hunger will go on", we will certainly look forward to seeing them again sometimes in the future.


5/29 Holtermann Street, Crows Nest NSW

Phone number:
0415 068 881

Opening time:
Mon - Fri 7am - 5pm
Sat 9am - 5pm

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Japan Expo & Matsuri in Sydney

Matsuri (祭り) means "festival" in Japanese, and this year the Japan Expo & Matsuri event has once again being held at Darling Harbour in Sydney. Comparing to last year, it seems like the crowd has gotten bigger and there were more individuals dressing up in Cosplay or Yukata (informal summer kimono).

There were several stalls displaying travel brochures and information to Tokyo and the rest of Japan, as well as stalls with traditional Japanese food, beverage and fun activities for the crowd. The main stage at the middle have several shows running from morning till evening, this year I managed to catch "The art of Sashimi in action" (see video below). This is where a HUGE tuna was sliced and then handed to Ocean Room's executive chef Raita Noda to cook it on the spot. There were also other shows including singing, dancing, Sumo, Karate and fashion throughout the day.

One other reason I was there at the Matsuri was because me and Bun are heading to Tokyo in Feb 2014!! They had so much handy information on Tokyo at the Matsuri so that was good, we just couldn't wait now!!!
I always find those little decorations at Matsuri mesmorizing...
After the show, I decided to go try out calligraphy! Here is where the Sensei (teacher) is showing me how to write "Happiness" in Japanese Kanji.
Just before I left the Matsuri, I spotted this group of One Piece Cosplayers so there's no way I'm going to miss a snap shot of them :D (Yes I am a super fan of One Piece anime)
Now here's a video I filmed of "The art of Sashimi in action" show at the Matsuri:
Time: Summer (2013 festival was held on Sat 14th December)
Place: Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour, Sydney

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Crane Bar Restaurant's first birthday party 2013 - The Golden Age

Thanks to Simon again, "My Hunger will go on" was invited to attend the Crane Bar's first birthday celebration. The Crane Bar Restaurant's location was actually just diagonally opposite of Buns and Balls! The theme for the party is "The golden age", and it was perfect for this party as gold colour always tend to represent wealth and prosperity.  The waitresses were in gold dresses, along with gold balloons floating all across the rooms and outside the bar.

The Crane Bar Restaurant was very crowded when we got there, with busy DJ and bartenders on the spot to bring joy and laughter. The whole bar had a warm glow with candle lights and gold decorations. The lighting behind the alcohol bottles at the bar just added an extra fancy touch to the evening.

We found lots of Sake standing neatly on the shelves, and the range at Crane Bar Restaurant was quite impressive. I wondered if they had Umeshu somewhere? (My favourite Japanese drink - Plum wine)

We saw a huge line behind the bar area, then we realised the live action of Sashimi making. They were really fresh and thick, which added the ultimate satisfaction of swallowing them. The chefs were quick and steady in cutting, slicing and arranging the Sashimi. We could see that the crowd were very pleased at these at the Crane Bar Restaurant, as the queue seems forever non-stop. The rice was very soft too, with just the right amount to give a good proportion.

We also found some skewers and fried chicken circulating around, and we decided to take a photo of this juicy one.

Unfortunately, we had to leave the event early and did not get a chance to explore as much as we would like to. Nevertheless...Happy first Birthday Crane Bar Restaurant!!! Now...why not have your own party/function here? And enjoy the delicate Japanese fusion cuisine and endless choices of cocktails and Sake :)

Here's is a short video clip of the night at the Crane Bar Restaurant:

It's getting extremely busy for us before Christmas time, but "My Hunger will go on" definitely have a few more exciting posts scheduled and looking forward to share with all of you soon!

32 Bayswater Road, Potts Point NSW

Phone number:
02 9357  3414

Opening time:
Mon & Tue Closed
Wed - Sun 5pm - 4am

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hurricane's Grill and Bar - Top Ryde

It was our friend's birthday so we decided to visit Hurricane's Grill and Bar at Top Ryde for some awesome steaks and ribs! For super meat lovers (ie. Bun), this place is like a total heaven. The restaurant was about 95% full when we got there, and just when the giant Christmas tree started to lit up in front of Hurricane's Grill and Bar.

The waiters and bartenders were extremely busy, and diners inside Hurricane's Grill and Bar seemed happy and enjoying their meals. The atmosphere at Hurricane's Grill and Bar was vibrant and cheerful, quite perfect for the festive season coming ahead. We stood there a little to wait for our booked table, while the irresistible sights of ribs and steaks hovered around us a couple of times to make us swallow our own drool.

Garlic Roll $4.50

Finally after we sat down at our table, we decided to pick this starter to kick off our meal. The crust was quite crunchy, so I guess we all loved this as it was gone in a speed of light.

Natural Oysters (half $21.00 / dozen $38.00)

How can we ignore the oysters on Hurricane's Grill and Bar menu? As soon as we saw it, we decided to order a dozen. It comes with fresh lemon and Tobasco sauce for us to indulge, and the oysters lied neatly above the rock salts. I loved that moment when you gulp down the oyster, when the salty flavour hits you with a tiny sting, and they were so fulfilling.

Main dishes (drum roll):

Orders from our friends A and J (below), they seemed very happy with their meal...mmmm meeeeat!!!

Our orders for the night:

Junior T-Bone (400gm) $32.00 (either with chips or baked potato) with pepper sauce ($2.50)

Bun has always been a fan of T-bone steak (median rare), when I asked him why, he always says it had a different taste to other parts (yes, Bun has popped out again...). While he was imagining the steak talks back to him and admiring its juiciness, I managed to take a snap shot. One bite of this was good enough to make you dance around in joy, as it was extremely tender with a tiny bit of fat to compliment. We swear at Hurricane's Grill and Bar, you probably don't even need sauce to go with its meat, it was already so good just by itself.

Beef Ribs (Half $31.90, Full 42.90) either with chips or baked potato (You can also pick lamb or pork ribs)

This was said to be Hurricane's most famous dish, so I knew I had to pick this to have a try. While everyone else on the table having fun eating their meal, I waited another half hour or so until it finally arrived. The waiter gave me one of those (shown in bottom right picture) to me to prepare me for the craziness later on (I can sort of imagine the bits and pieces from the ribs flying everywhere as I get too excited). This certainly entertained the others as I looked like a chubby baby trying to learn how to eat for the first time. I don't know what the "secret sauce" at Hurricane's Grill and Bar is, but it definitely hit the right spot! My hands were covered with this sticky sauce with that bit of sweetness, and I really couldn't resist licking the fingers like what people did on the other table. As you bite off one side of the rib, the beef just started hanging down to give you that amazing second to bite all the rest of the meat in one bite. Mmmm...200% SATISFACTION. Oh, the bonus point? Order it with the baked potato!!

All of us loved Hurricane's Grill and Bar, they were certainly one of the best places in Sydney for meat lovers! We noticed that they actually had burgers and skewers on their menu too...oh time :D

Top Ryde City Shopping Centre
Shop R 3006 Ground Level
Cnr Blaxland Road & Devlin Street
Ryde NSW

Phone number:
02 9130 7101

Opening time:
Mon - Fri 12pm - 3pm
Mon - Fri 5pm till late
Sat, Sun & Public holidays 12pm - late

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Jones the grocer (Sydney Westfield) - Food blogger invitation dinner

With a relocation of its flagship store from Woollahra, Jones the Grocer landed in Sydney Westfield with a deluxe look of a dark and sophisticated theme. It continues to serve high quality gourmet food with natural ingredients produced by specialists, and as well as offering a range of products such as coffee & teas. Jones the Grocer also has an in-house bakery and patisserie with lots of delights to provide throughout the day.

Thanks to Jessie from Cav Con and Jones the Grocer, "My Hunger will go on" was invited for a food blogger dinner consisting of a 3 course meal with beverage. It was a wonderful opportunity to see this unique place which already had several world-wide stores including Australia, Qatar, Singapore, UAE and New Zealand.

Parker's organic sparkling drinks:
Pink Lemonade/ Mango & Orange

We picked these as our drinks for the night, and they had an ultra-smooth taste with very gentle sensations. The mango and orange flavour was sweeter than I thought as the mango taste seemed to have dominated the flavour, while the pink lemonade was simply refreshing with tiny tingling feelings on the tongue.

Salt and Pepper squid, yuzu mayonnaise, Thai herb salad dressed with tamarind, chilli and lime sauce.

The salt and pepper squid at Jones the Grocer was very fresh and chewy, along with a powdery sensation when it first made contact with your lips. The tamarind (leguminous tree with pod-like fruit from Africa) dressing and along with the sophisticated sauces has made the squid stood out even more as the contrast of the tastes were strong.

Angel hair pasta with blue swimmer crab, chilli, rocket, garlic & grana padano

I couldn't get enough of this entrée when it arrived at our table, as it was so delicious and addictive. The portion was very generous that we actually thought it was a main dish! This pasta at Jones the Grocer was probably one of the thinnest and smoothest one that I have ever tasted, and not to mention how perfect the rest of the ingredients mixed together. You get that that refreshing feeling while those flakes of grana padano (one of the most popular Italian cheese with grainy texture) added the extra bits of playful flavours.

Duck leg confit with French lentils, apple & spinach salad with grape seed dressing

One thing we love about the dishes at Jones the Grocer is the surprisingly fresh salad and dressings, as they have perfectly complimented the main part of the dishes. For example like this one, we were so fascinated by the different textures presented by the salad along with the French lentils, because you get that crunchiness and mushiness all in one go. Of course, the duck leg was just as brilliant. As soon as the knife sank into the meat, they fell off as if they couldn't wait to be eaten.

Roast wild Barramundi with crushed potatoes & sauce antiboise

This was another dish that we adore at Jones the Grocer, simply because of the magnificent outcome of the Barramundi skin. Not only the skin was so crispy, but the Barramundi itself was so juicy. With every bite, it just melts in your mouth with that everlasting tenderness. The potatoes showed a similar texture with crispy skin and a soft and mushy core. We didn't even need to add any extra salt and pepper as the flavours were just as excellent as they were.

Young coconut rice pudding with mango & almond crunch

By the time we got to desserts at Jones the Grocer, we were both very full. Both of our desserts were visually appealing, whether it's colour-wise or form-wise. The one Bun has picked was young coconut rice pudding where the warm coconut flavour has fully soaked in. The mango actually came in slices rather than blocks, and they were presented just like strokes of yellow paints on a white canvas. Then the almond crunch covered the top layer, scattered freely to add in that healthy touch.

Warm sticky date pudding with salted caramel sauce & vanilla bean ice-cream

I loved how cute this dessert from Jones the Grocer looked, as it was like an erupting volcano island in the middle of an ocean. The ice-cream melted slowly from the heat waves of the sticky date pudding, and then they drip down into the pool of salted caramel sauce to form artistic white patterns. I'm not going to lie, it was really sweet, but they combined so well together. That contrast of temperature from the warm pudding and cold ice cream, along with the stickiness of both the sauce and the date, has left a great impression at the end of the night.

With Bun's steady hand, My Hunger will go on managed to shoot a video of Jones the Grocer. Check out their stunning interior, and get a close-up view of their dishes!

Thanks again for inviting "My Hunger will go on" to this memorable dinner, we certainly hope to come back soon in the future to try out more dishes.

Shop 5018, Level 5 Westfield
Cnr Market & Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW

Phone number:
02 8072 7755

Opening time:
Mon - Sat 8am - late
Sun 8am - 7pm


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