Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Buns & Balls - 2013 Online influencers dinner

"My Hunger will go on" was invited by Simon from "SIMON SAYS" and Sian from "The Darlin Group" to attend the "Online Influencers Dinner" at Buns & Balls, this was certainly exciting for us to check out this new hang-out place at Kings Cross. Buns & Balls was a little bit away from the main street, so you do achieve that privacy if you wish to have a party or function here. Buns & Balls is said to be "casual and vibrant". With funky street arts on the walls, trendy lighting, pool table, live music, comfortable couches, happy hours and outdoor dining area, it no doubt will increase the heart beat of any individuals who seeks for a fun night out.

So on this particular night, we were allocated to our table outdoor. With colourful light bulbs hanging above our heads and the sun slowly waving goodbye, our intimate dinner at Buns & Balls kicked off.

Pineapple, ginger beer, vodka & bitters (left), Watermelon, lime and vodka (right) - freshly squeezed, with or without alcohol

I picked the watermelon while Bun went with pineapple, we were not sure which one was better because they were very different in terms of sensation and flavour. I found the watermelon one was very refreshing, with that mixture of sweetness and tingling sourness, it would be a brilliant summer drink. While the pineapple one was rather a little creamy, with quite a strong taste of ginger beer and hints of sweetness from pineapple.

Gourmet Meatballs:
Beef & Pork

This was like one of those classic meatballs that straight away melts your heart. They were juicy, and full of flavours bursting with every bite. Buns & Balls certainly aced this one!

Crispy Tofu served with warm chilli nap sauce

I thought this idea from Buns and Balls was very creative and interesting, they were so soft that they collapse as soon as I lifted them up with my fork. The meatballs then broke down into little square pieces of Tofu, and they were indeed tasty.

Barrumundi Croquette served with Buns & Balls' tartare sauce

Comparing to the previous 2 meatballs, this one from Buns & Balls seemed a little more ordinary. The skin was very crunchy, with that stream of hot air flowing out after the bite with fresh aroma.

Gourmet burger: (you can order gluten-free buns too!!)
Char-grilled beef (Wagyu beef, cheese, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce, mayo & Buns & Balls' burger sauce)

When we eat a good burger, it makes us happy for many days. So when we heard that Buns & Balls was especially passionate about their burgers, our eyes glittered up. The beef burger certainly did not disappoint us from our expectations, it delighted us in so many ways! The ingredients were in perfect proportion, the patty was extra juicy along with the melting cheese and sauce. We loved this!

Sweet potato fries

This was something different, as we had so much experiences eating just potato fries. The sweet potato fries was somewhat more gentle in its taste, and they were less crunchy. I loved the dark brown parts as they provided a little bit of chewiness and sweetness.

Grilled chicken burger (Marinated & char-grilled chicken, cheese, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce, mayo and Buns & Balls' chilli sauce)

Bun said this one tasted a little like Portuguese chicken, for me, it reminded me of those Korean chilli chicken. The chicken was even juicier than the previous beef burger, which made me drool for more.

Fresh Salad:
Char-grilled chicken with a side of chilli sauce

Char-grilled steak with a side of steak sauce

We all agreed that the chicken salad was better than the steak one, I felt it was because the beef was a little bit dry comparatively.

Spicy Louisiana Wings with blue cheese sauce

Oh god, those chicken man...No doubt they were everyone's favourite from Buns & Balls, I swear we could just sit there and eat those all day. The spicy flavour totally sank into the chicken, so prepare to get your hands sticky on this one. I would absolutely recommend this to people if they come to Buns & Balls, they were totally delicious!

Now on the menu that was given us, it said dessert will be a sweet surprise, and indeed they were!

We received cookie and ice cream sandwiches and pieces of Krispy Kreme donuts with chocolate sauce. The funny thing about the cookie and ice cream sandwich was...because the cookies were very hard, the ice cream just creeps right out when you bite on them! That difference in their textures was somewhat amusing. Oh and everyone loves Krispy Kreme donuts :D

We bumped into Ando and Brenda from The Lamstock, so it was time for some happy happy photos~~~ smile!!

In addition, "My Hunger will go on" decided to shoot a short video of Buns & Balls for you to check out their fun atmosphere.

Thanks again to Simon and Sian for inviting "My Hunger will go on" to this intimate dinner, we had a great time. This is definitely somewhere we want to return to in the near future, and most likely with a group of friends for a quick drink to catch up!

33 Bayswater Road, Sydney NSW

Phone number:
02 9326 9054

Opening time:
Tue - Fri 6pm - late
Sat - Sun 3pm - late


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Saturday, November 23, 2013

2013 Sydney Food Blogger Christmas Picnic

The yearly event for Sydney food bloggers is once again here, it is the Christmas picnic hosted by Helen from Grab your fork and Susan from Chocolatesuze. A corner of Centennial Park is full of joy and laughter, and of course, lots of food!!! The range of food brought in by the bloggers was amazing~~~

What I made for the picnic...Sushi with crab meat and cucumber XD

Note: The pork crackles were AWESOME!

The fun part of the whole day was the Kris Kringle, where we get to pick a present from the lovely pile, or...we steal someone else's present! Initially I got a cookie cutter and decoration squeeze thing from my pick, once that's stolen, I decided to steal the Canon lens cup (my favourite lens >3<)...until I got that stolen a couple of times and I had my gift switching from candle to donut cake kit to ice cream bowls, although in the last round the cup somehow got back to me LOL. Thank you and that was one of the most memorable Christmas gift ever! XD

Here's a video clip I've made of the event :)

Merry Christmasssss~~~ ^^

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What does adventure mean to you? (Southern Cross Travel Insurance Photo competition)

Southern Cross Travel Insurance is hosting a photo competition with a grand prize of $2,000 and several category winner prizes of wonderful travel equipment. "My Hunger will go on" decided to participate in this competition and would like to share this with all the bloggers out there who loves travelling just as much as we do!

What does adventure mean to you?

"Adventure" is a word that lives inside our hearts and dreams, and for me, it is one of the greatest motivations in life. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be an explorer, where I dreamed of landing on all the continents on Earth. I was fascinated by the places where no human beings have ever gone to, and seeing the sceneries that only once appeared on TV. After I grew up, I was lucky to have found many ways to have my adventurous dreams come true with my loved ones. To me, adventure is like a hot air balloon ride, where I can anticipate the sunrise beyond the horizons. It's like a magic carpet ride into the Arabian nightfall, where I can travel with the wind and sing with the stars. Or perhaps it's like the excitement of winning that very first chip in the sin city, sailing across the endless oceans, or simply having that butterfly in my stomach from a ride in an amusement park. Adventure is all about seeing and experiencing something new and exploring the unknown. It can happen anytime and anywhere even near our homes. It's like when I try out a new dish at a restaurant, or discover a hidden spot. As long as we have a spirit for adventure, we will always find exciting surprises in the world around us!

I would like to nominate the following 2 bloggers to enter this competition:

*Grab your fork (
*I ate my way through (

Interested in joining this competition too?

Here are the criteria for entering this competition:
  • Include a collage of 3-10 photographs images that represents what adventure means to you and;
  • Include 200-250 word answer to the question, “What does adventure mean to you?” and;
  • Nominate two other bloggers to take part in the Competition and;
  • Share the competition page so that others can take part and;
  • Open to Australian residents only and non-employees of SCTI

  • Then just submit the entry to the form on the link below!
    (Competition closes on 30th November 2013)

    For more information about the competition (entry form):
    Terms and Conditions:

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    Sunday, November 17, 2013

    Dog Dog Japon

    We saw a cute lady standing outside the Skyview Shopping plaza the other day, waving a board with pictures of different hog dogs. This certainly caught our attention when we were having difficulties deciding what to eat at the time. So we walked into Skyview Shopping plaza where the other popular Japanese cuisines located such as Pepper lunch and Menya Mappen. Then we saw this small and colourful shop, presented almost like a doll house with the cute name of "Dog Dog Japon". Seeing how Japanese hot dogs eventually gained its popularity in USA, this new place in Sydney is definitely worth a try (Another place at Chanoma Café also had a small selection of hot dogs).

    Dog Dog Japon had a small amount of tables and chairs for a quick meal or snack, although most probably prefer take away. We thought it was going to be easy to decide what to eat, until we saw the menu board and ended up seeing hallucinations of hot dogs swirling around in circles. The range of selection at Dog Dog Japon was absolutely great, we felt like trying out every single one of them!!! Reluctantly, I landed on Cheese hot dog while Bun had a Beef Hamburger dog, along with our chips with chilli tomato salsa topping and a coke.

    Chips with chilli tomato salsa topping ($4.90)

    It seems like we have seen a lot of chips with topping these days, such as Lord of the Fries and Batch Burger & Espresso. Both of us really liked this one at Dog Dog Japon as we love Mexican style toppings. It wasn't as chilli as we thought, but rather with that bits and pieces of sourness and sweetness from the tomato.

    Coke $2.50, Cheese hot dog $6.60, Beef Hamburger dog $6.90

    I was staring at the melting cheese, lying lazily on the top, smiling right back at me. I loved everything about this, although I do find it a little bit hard to eat at first due to the size and width LOL. It was very satisfying to swallow every bit of it, and the ingredients were fresh and tasty. The Beef Hamburger was less complex in its flavour, and Bun loved the juicy Beef Hamburger as always.

    Dog Dog Japon is somewhere we will definitely go back to, and it might be a good idea to drag more friends next time and share the flavours. There are just way too many choices, and we are totally going to try them all! (This is like when you played Pokémon and you have that mission to accomplish...*grin*)

    Shop 6, 545 - 551 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (Skyview Shopping plaza)

    Phone number:
    02 9261 8814

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    Saturday, November 9, 2013

    Rekorderlig Cider's new flavour for summer: Apple-Guava

    As the leading fruit cider brand in Australia, Rekorderlig continues to delight the public with their selection of flavours. We still remembered the launch of the Mango-Raspberry flavour at Sparkle Cupcakery 2012, and the Passionfruit flavour at Taste of Sydney 2013. Our families and friends gave a lot of compliments and they loved the range of refreshing flavours :) Personally, my favourite from Rekorderlig is the Strawberry-Lime flavour, I just simply couldn't resist the sweetness that's almost like candy, and the flavour reminded me of the precious childhood times.

    Recently, "My Hunger will go on" was very excited to hear that Rekorderlig is releasing a new and innovative flavour for the summer ahead! A sample was sent to us in this bright red package which arrived yesterday, we couldn't wait to try this out :D

    "Rekorderlig Apple-Guava Cider deliciously blends crisp apple cider with a luscious burst of tropical guava. For the ultimate refreshment; serve over ice with a squeeze of lime."

    With that description in mind, we can almost imagine the flavour before we tasted it. I inhaled the faint scent of apple, and watched the bubbles sank to the bottom. The initial sip was just as refreshing as all other Rekorderlig flavours, yet the sourness definitely overtook any hints of sweetness. There was a slight dry sensation, almost like a cooling beer, along with the Guava flavour continues to circulate in your mouth. For those who prefer something not so sweet like the Strawberry-Lime flavour, this may be a brilliant choice! When I drank this, I didn't picture any beach, crazy party, childhood or love. But instead, an image of a bunch of friends gathered for a BBQ on a hot summer day, followed by them chatting, joking, laughing, and enjoying good times together with a sip of this. I wondered if this flavour will attract an older crowd. We felt this flavour from Rekorderlig was rather quite low-key, yet it brings just as much joy.

    Thank you very much for letting "My Hunger will go on" experience this wonderful new flavour of Apple-Guava from Rekorderlig, we are really looking forward for more exciting flavours from Rekorderlig in the future :)

    For more flavours from Rekorderlig, check out: