Thursday, October 31, 2013

Waitan - Media Launch Party Oct 2013 (含中文简介)


Located at the heart of Sydney Chinatown, Waitan has emerged in Oct 2013 with a promise to deliver the ultimate Asian foodie experience. Waitan is the first Australian venture for Asian hospitality groups, Xiang Er Qing and Tung Lok, with Patrick Tian as the local managing director and Aaron Ching as the Chief operating officer. Together with over $10 million spending and a stunning 2,500sqm venue, Waitan has certainly set its impression to bring a new and exciting vibe to the old Chinatown.

"My Hunger will go on" was really grateful to be invited to this party at Waitan, and we knew what we were going to see on the night would be amazing and memorable. We arrived just before the sun went down, and there we saw the colourful Lamborghinis sitting glamorously at the entrance and attracting many attentions from the public. At that instant, we couldn't wait to walk up the red carpet and check out this new giant inside Chinatown.

With an overwhelming crowd, rows of red lanterns and the traditional antiques, we felt that we have been teleported immediately into the old Shanghai back in the 1930s where it was known as "The Paris of the East, the New York of the West".

If Shanghai in the 1930s represented an era of class, style, elegance, romance and the classics, this world-class interior designed by Thuan Teh (previous works including Chef's Gallery and boutique hotels of The Kirketon and The Diamante) has certainly brought it all back. Waitan consisted of main dining hall with an exhibition-style kitchen, intimate laneway, 14 private dining rooms, Waitan's O Lounge, and even member-only spaces like the Library.

On every corner of Waitan, you can find statues that resembled people from ancient China. With a combination of red and blue lighting shinning down on them, it almost felt like they were to come alive in any minute and enjoy a delightful meal with you.

Going into the bar inside Waitan and staring at this faux opium bed, it reminded me of all the movies and dramas I use to watch about old Shanghai when I was a kid. My impression of nights in Shanghai was full of neon lights, melody notes floating inside the Paramount nightclub, gangsters with money to burn on cigars and beautiful women, and wealthy ladies walking on the street with Qi Pao and short curly hair. The voice of the live music band has dragged me back to reality from the chain of thoughts, and I quickly took a snap of this dark, mysterious, yet addictive scene. I wondered if the illustration on the wall was to depict a deep sea, where people drown themselves into their most fascinating dreams.

With John Rankin (worked for Quay, Astral and Sean's kitchen) taking on the lead of the kitchen, Waitan will offer something different to the crowd, something that redefines your expectations, and bring back the "French Gourmand tasting menu with a unique eastern twist".

With these in mind, we took a journey around the kitchen area to find little surprises that Waitan seeks to offer, and we spotted fresh oysters, fried buns, spring rolls, prawn sticks, Wagyu beef buns and the famous Peking duck pancakes.

The master Peking duck chef Mr Yuejin Ma has been flown to Sydney for this special night at Waitan, and prepared these ducks pancakes from the signature oven to please the crowd. We constantly heard "Mmm this is really good!", "I love it!", "Absolutely amazing!" phrases from the crowd, I guess a bunch of exclamation marks just popped out of everyone's head.

We loved the traditional dark wooden tables and chairs, the silky cushions full of flower patterns, and the flawless dinnerware.

If these weren't exciting enough, an amount of $10,000 will buy you a VIP ticket to access the second floor members-only areas, where Sydney's largest circular table measuring 5.2m is located, and the $50k bottle of cognac will be available to indulge.

This venue at Sydney Chinatown will be the first of an international chain of Waitan restaurants, the second of which will open in New York next year. There are two more planned for Australia including another one in Sydney and one in Melbourne.

用了千万*资金打造的Waitan,2013年十月在悉尼中国城开幕了。Waitan拥有占地两千五百平方米的豪华场地,其中包括了十四间私人包间,展览厨房,酒吧以及VIP会员专区等等。主厨是曾在Quay, Astral, Sean's kitchen工作过的John Rankin, 这让人很期待Waitan会带给我们什么惊喜。当我们走进Waitan时,感觉像是穿越时空来到了三十年代的旧上海,每一个角落都散发着古典美与神秘的气息。 在酒吧里还摆设了模仿旧时代的鸦片床,不由让人想起了那个灯红酒绿,纸醉金迷的老上海。当晚我们品尝到了生蚝,炸虾棒,Wagyu牛肉包,北京烤鸭等等的精致派对美食,值得一提的是Waitan的特殊烤鸭炉和准备了三天的烤鸭,很让人惊叹不已。如果这些惊喜还不够,Waitan还有会员费一万块*的VIP专用区,包括图书馆和悉尼最大的圆饭桌,人们还可以品尝到Waitan价值五万块*的白兰地。然而,这只是Waitan的一个开始,第二家Waitan餐厅准备明年在纽约开幕。(*澳币)

Again we are really thankful to be invited to this great event, and we can't wait to visit here for a delicious meal soon!

405 Sussex Street Sydney

Phone number:
02 8218 1000

Opening time:
Mon - Sun 6pm - 12am

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to make Takoyaki

1 spring onion
3 crab sticks
200g of Takoyaki flour
2 eggs
3 cups of water
Takoyaki sauce
Mayonnaise (or Japanese Mayonnaise)
Bonito flakes

About 24


I have always been a super fan of Japanese cuisine, and I always wanted to try to learn how to cook them. On this lazy afternoon, I decided to give a shot on cooking my very first set of Takoyaki. So I have got most of the ingredients from a Japanese grocery store in the city called Maruyu.

(Left to right: Bonito flakes, Takoyaki sauce, Takoyaki flour)

It's really hard to find a proper Takoyaki pan in Australia, so I bought this pop cake pan from Kmart instead.

I am only a beginner, so I have only included 2 very simple ingredients as fillings. That was 1 spring onion, and 3 crab sticks (proper ingredient is actually boiled octopus, but I ran out of them so I have decided to use crab sticks that I found in Asian grocery store instead) being chopped up to small pieces (I have seen many people adding tempura pieces and Japanese ginger into the fillings as well). I like to separate each ingredient into different bowls, that way makes it easier for me to pick them up and start cooking.

To start off, I have measured 200g of Takoyaki flour into a large bowl and cracked 2 eggs into it, then mix with 1/2 cup of water.

Afterwards you can add in 1/2 cup each time and mix well until it all finishes, then the mixture should turn into a watery state.

You can then get a brush to brush oil evenly into each hole on the pan, and then pour the mixture into each hole. Then quickly add on the chopped up spring onions (leave a little bit left for garnish later) and crab sticks into each Takoyaki. After the edge of the Takoyaki is cooked, use 2 sharp sticks (or tooth picks) to turn each of the Takoyaki about 90 degree. Repeat the rotating step until all Takoyaki are cooked (turning into golden brown colour).

Place each Takoyaki on a plate and squeeze on the Takoyaki sauce and Mayonnaise, then add on the Bonito flakes and the rest of the spring onion pieces (you can also choose to add on seaweed flakes instead).

TA-DA! It's all done and time to enjoy the Takoyaki!!

PS: Feel free to drop me any comments or suggestions on the recipe, I would love to learn from all of you guys :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pancakes on the Rocks - Canterbury

Situated at the busy intersection of Beverly Hills, Pancakes on the Rocks seemed to be forever popular here since its opening. The line usually started to built around 6pm, so we decided to arrive slightly earlier to avoid the crowd.

Potato wedges $6.95 (With sweet chilli sauce add $1.50, with sour cream add $1.50)

The wedges were cooked to the perfect golden brown colour with a crunchy edge and soft core. Every time we loved it as a little side dish, especially with the sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. They were chopped to the right size to just fit into the grasp of 2 fingers.

Mexicana $15.95

Our favourite savoury pancake from Pancakes on the Rocks has got to be this one, the Mexicana. As one of their top sellers, it contained the mouth-watering filling of Mexican style beef, tomato salsa, spicy tomato sauce, tasty cheese, guacamole, sour cream and shallots, together served on a bed of lettuce and 2 pieces of Nachos. The burning sensation from the chilli slowly crawls from the tip of your tongue down to your throat, and then you get a chance to cool it down with a satisfying gulp of guacamole.

Devils delight $14.95

As another one of the popular pancakes from Pancakes on the Rocks, the Devils delight consists of 2 spongy chocolate pancakes placed on the plate with surrounding strawberries. The scoop of chocolate ice cream sits comfortably on the layer of cream, along with the dancing patterns of chocolate sauce. It was a great dessert to share between 2 people, we loved every single bits of it.

For some reason, both me and Bun found the pancakes at this chain to be more fresh than all others. It also seemed that the staffs were more friendly and attentive, and the orders arrived at a reasonable timeframe. We loved the fact that Pancakes on the Rocks has always seemed to be full of energy, and the kids truly enjoyed their meals here with lots of smiles and laughter.

Cnr King Georges Road and Stoney Creek Road
Beverly Hills NSW 2209

Phone number:
02 9580 7200

Opening time:
Sun - Thu 7am - 12am
Fri - Sat 7am - 1am

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