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Ichi-ban Boshi (Town Hall-CBD)

Ichi-ban boshi always have a queue around lunch or dinner time, fortunately they have a quite efficient ticket system that call out your number once tables are ready. If you are willing to share tables, you can probably get a seat faster. Numerous people who work or study in the city would recommend this venue for a quick lunch or dinner. Others who love books can also go there to eat after a browse at Kinokuniya bookstore next door. One thing to note about this restaurant is that the staffs are usually busy so it’s probably the best to signal them once you are ready for your order.

Iced lemon tea ($3.30)
It can be good to start off the meal with some iced lemon tea, simply because it’s refreshing and you can choose how sweet you want it to be. It's served in tall glass along with a small pot of syrup to mix with the lemon tea. I would recommend to add half of the pot, where it’s not too sweet to cause you a toothache and not too sour to make your expression twisted.

Appetizer: Edamame – Salted Green soy beans ($4.80)
You can pick a healthy plate of Edamame on the menu for your choice of entree, but before eating them, I really wonder how many of us will have explosions of “Mameshiba” videos in our brains? Those cute peas just pop out and say the most random things ever! For those who don’t know what this is about, check out here.

Very hot Ramen – Spicy chilli soup with vegetables and roast pork ($11.90)
Extra toppings - $4.00 – 4 slices of roast pork
A very popular Ramen at Ichi-ban Boshi is the “Very hot Ramen”, this will be something you’d definitely want to eat in the middle of winter! The noodles were fresh and pure, and it fulfils your mouth with the right amount of chewiness. With a choice of adding extra toppings, Roast pork becomes a desire to match up with the vegetables and traces of white sesames swimming on the chilli soup.  Funny how the color of the soup make you think it must be unbelievably hot, but the reality’s not hot enough to make you sweat like a pig, perhaps just a runny-nose(For anyone who tried this Korean 2-minutes noodle called “Shin”, this is probably not even as half as spicy). But then, it all depends on your tolerance for spicy food.

Ebi curry – crumbed deep-fried king prawn and curry on rice, served with salad ($13)
Apart from the well-known Ramen from Ichi-ban Boshi, their “Ebi Curry” can also be a delectable dish. Just imagine yourself with golden crumbs stuck all around your lips and how tasty the prawn core can be after dipping into the sea of steamy curry. There goes 1 bite after another, you just really can’t stop! Meanwhile you also get the salad on the side, just incase you need to refresh your taste bud from overloading curry flavour.

Yakisoba omelette – salad, soup and pickles are not included- yakisoba noodles wrapped in an omelette with pork topped with special sauce (tomato, bbq and mayonnese) ($13.50)

Lastly I’d like to introduce my favourite dish to you all, the “Yakisoba Omelette”! Although beware this dish can take excessive amount of waiting time, but I guarantee the wait will be worthy. The omelette was cooked to the perfect level of thickness, and it goes very smoothly with the secret sauce to create that sweet-sour and creamy flavour. As you dig deeper with your fork, you will see a few pieces of pork and capsicum wrapped by the heavy load of yakisoba waiting to be discovered.

You should visit this restaurant if you want quality to match up with price, however, the place itself can be noisy and overcrowding at certain times. The easiest way to get to Ichi-ban Boshi is probably by train as it’s very close to Town hall station, and you can always walk around The Galeries to hunt down some goodies after the meal!

Level 2, The Galeries, 500 George Street, Sydney NSW
Phone number:
(02) 9262 7677
Opening hours:
11am - 9pm (everyday)

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