Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pho Tau Bay

We have heard so many people compared Pho Tau Bay with Pho An, so we got curious. On this particular evening, we went to check out Pho Tau Bay, another popular venue for Pho-lovers.

The interior was alot smaller than we imagined, and it certainly wasn't as crowded as Pho An. Honestly we thought we would see a line outside the door, but the restaurant was actually half empty. Possibly because we arrived near the closing time?

They had different sizes for serving, and I just had to pick LARGE (at $12.50 with rare beef and beef briskets). Oh jesus, how wrong was I? Their large size was seriously LARGE. It was like almost double the size of Pho An's bowl, the noodles seemed endless, and the meats inside just never stopped appearing!

For those who could never have enough of Pho, I definitely recommend a large bowl at Pho Tau Bay. The portion would satisfy your craving, and left you with total happiness.

We like to add a lot of chilli sauce and fresh chilli into our Pho, which meant I ended up with watery eyes, runny nose, and sweat everywhere. Who was it that said the intense burn releases endorphin in the brain and leaves you craving more? Yeah this was definitely the case, we were too addicted! Fortunately these spicy sensations were not like the Chinese chilli oil or the Korean chilli rice cakes, as they only burn your mouth for 10 seconds and slowly fades away.

If you asked me to compare Pho Tau Bay and Pho An, I'd say...I liked the taste at Pho An better, but I definitely loved the portion at Pho Tau Bay. So it depends, on the days when you feel like eating more, Pho Tau Bay would definitely come into the mind!

12/117 John Street, Cabramatta NSW

Phone number:
02 9726 4583

Opening time:
Mon and Wed to Fri  7.30am - 6.30pm
Sat and Sun  7.30am - 7.30pm

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Simon Leong said...

i've gotta try this pho. lots of people recommend it. you might like to consider voting for it in the Sydney Food Bloggers Choice Awards?

Mina D said...

@ Simon: Yessss they had HUGE bowls and tasty pho! Will certainly have a look :)