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From July to September, we have finally welcomed the famous French Macaroons from Ladurée!! The moment Pierre Desfontaines (Louis Ernest Ladurée's second cousin) puts together this beautiful masterpiece, it was destined that their Macaroons will sweep away the whole world's attention.
We arrived in the afternoon, and there it was, the lovely pastel green colours and the never-ending line of people. Although we didn't see anyone sitting down to enjoy the Macaroons and a cup of tea, which made the elegant tea sets seemed a little lonely behind the crowd.

They had some candles for sale as well, at um...$79.00??

The Macaroons are $3.20 each for takeaway and $4.00 for dine-in, and there were 12 flavours available to choose from on the day.

You can purchase some sort of Chocolate biscuits as well, and they come in pretty round boxes at $60.00.

Oh yessssss, the Macaroons!! We swear after you taste Ladurée's Macaroons, you wouldn't want to eat Macaroons anywhere else!

So after all the time spent on deciding, we finally come to the conclusion of getting the box of 8 Macaroons at $25.60. I was totally in love with the packaging!! Didn't someone say that some test results shown that people prefer to eat the food inside pretty packaging than ones without packaging? As they simply think the ones with packaging tastes better! Well in this case, the packaging definitely made the Macaroons more outstanding!

From left to right:
Vanilla x 2, Ghana Chocolate x 2, Lemon, Violet Marshmallow, Lemon Lime Marshmallow and Salted caramel

How can they be soooooooo delicate? As soon as we touched them, it felt like they were going to break into thousand flakes!

Vanilla and Ghana Chocolate - If I really have to pick my least favourite flavours, it will have to be these 2. Funny how I thought those 2 would be my favourite as I always loved vanilla and chocolate. In this case, they were just too ordinary comparing to the rest of the Macaroons.

Lemon - Very strong flavour, you get that punch of lemon but also the gentle scatters of sweetness. I actually really enjoyed this one.

Violet Marshmallow - Frankly speaking, we couldn't really taste this one. It has a very vague flavour, but the marshmallow was really nice and soft.

Lemon Lime Marshmallow - It has the perfect amount of sweetness, and this flavour goes very well with the marshmallow centre.

Salted Caramel - Surprise, surprise! When we saw its name we had a little bit of doubt, and I thought it's going to be unbelievably sweet. But it turned out the flavour was a mixture of caramel along with tints of bitterness, how awesome! I have to vote this one as my favourite and it certainly hit the right spot.

We actually regret not buying all the flavours after waiting such a long time, so we are totally going back there again soon to grab more of their Macaroons! Although...we were abit disappointed that they didn't have the cakes and pastries, I was really hoping they had the "Ispahan"!!!

100 Market St
Level 3 Westfield Sydney NSW

Opening time:
Mon - Wed 9.30am - 6.30pm
Thu 9.30am - 9pm
Fri and Sat 9.30am - 6.30pm
Sun 10am - 6pm

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