Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wagaya - Chinatown

When I mention about Wagaya, the first thing people say to me is "Ohhh I know that place, where you can use touch screen to order food right?" So this new technology has left a quite deep impression in people's mind.

Ta-da! Here it is! The legendary touch screen menu! Much more interactive :)

Now before going onto the food, please excuse this entry for having such unattractive colours. Unfortunately on the day we forgot our DSLR so we had to use mobile phone.

There were 4 of us, so we had quite abit of foods...

Ox Tongue $6.30 (for 2)

We all remember how much we love the ox tongue in Korean restaurants when it comes to BBQ, so we gave it a go here. What I can say is, I liked the taste. It was juicy with the perfect amount of brown crispy edge, but the only thing is probably the ox tongue were too thick so it becomes chunky rather than the thin slice ones we had elsewhere.

Eel cheese spring roll $6.90

I don't think I have seen this anywhere else so we picked it just out of curiosity. They turned out quite nice actually, you get that warm and stretchy cheese mixed with eel, and then together they were wrapped nicely inside the crispy skin. Very nice little entree dish I must say, that is, for people who simply love anything with cheese.

Kimuchi Ramen $10.50

They marked this dish as chilli but to our opinion the appearance doesn't seem to agree, and the taste was abit light to be classified as chilli. Not sure how you would find it??

Tan Tan Ramen $10.50

I wasn't exactly sure how would my friend describe this dish, but she seems to enjoyed it. Apparently the actual noodles are quite nice, but probably not chewy enough for some people.

Ika Fri $8.30

Basically, it's salt and pepper squid. When I tasted this, in my head I tried to compare with the ones I ate in the past eg Red Lantern. The result was, it was abit bland but probably would go well with a bottle of beer or something...I guess I prefer this dish with sauce.

Sushian Roulette game $12.60

Do you like playing those games where you challenge eachother to eat Wasabi? Try this out with your friends! So out of the 6, there is 1 sushi with alot of Wasabi in it. We ate 4 to begin with and none of us died, so we then played "scissors, paper, rock" to continue picking the last 2. When my friend had "The one", she was very calm, very relaxed, and said "it was actually alright"...did they even put THAT much Wasabi in it?? *sigh* I don't know, maybe I'll only find out until I get "The one".

Kimuchi fried rice $10.50

This one looked really delicious when it arrived at the table, and I think it might have been the aroma? Like we could smell the Kimchi flavour and no doubt it will be sizzling hot! Or is it...?

This was actually my main dish, and I do apologize that I can't remember the exact name of this one. All I know had cheese, chicken, mushroom and rice in it. At first when I was looking at the menu, I thought this seemed appealing. But I didn't think about the fact that I have to keep eating this and what will happen when there's cheese overload. Conclusion? I struggled to finish even half way of this dish, although the initial bit was very tasty.

Seafood salad $13.50

After that dish full of cheese, I was so thankful that we suddenly figured we need some salad. There were prawns, Sashimi, cucumber, tomato, corn, lettuce etc with that refreshing mayonnaise sauce. The combination of all those ingredients actually went very well, and I would strongly recommend this salad to be part of your meal.

We liked Wagaya everytime we went, but we do felt it was just a little overpriced. We didn't get a chance to drink much this time, but Wagaya does have a pretty cool selection of cocktails and Japanese wines. If you go there on your birthday, they will also give you 1 free drink!

1/78 Harbour St
Haymarket NSW (Opposite of Sydney Entertainment Centre)

02 9212 6068
Booking contact: 1800 92 42 92 (12pm - 8pm, 7 days)

Opening time:
7 days from 5pm till late

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chocolatesuze said...

mmm i love the fried cheese at wagaya!

Anonymous said...

I have a high tolerance for anything spicy including wasabi.

The Tan Tan Ramen was enjoyable, I just had trouble finding minced meat at times hehe

My Hunger will go on said...

*high5 for liking spicy stuffs* lol guess you gonna dig in to find them like finding treasures ><

My Hunger will go on said...

hehe unique flavours

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

I love the ox tongue at Wagaya but I haven't tried the eel and cheese spring roll before! Sounds fatty-licious!

My Hunger will go on said...

haha yea it is!! you gonna love the cheeeeese :p