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2012 Crave Sydney food festival - Sugar hit @ Ocean Room, Noodle night market, Strathfield food festival

Sugar Hit @ Ocean Room

One of our stops for 2012 Crave Sydney food festival was the Ocean Room at Circular Quay, we just couldn't resist the sugar hit at $20.00.

We actually wanted to come here a while ago but never find the chance to, and we have always been amazed at the decoration from above. Not to mention our first experience at Ocean Room was fantastic as we felt welcomed and being treated with politeness.

Brown Brothers dessert wine (included in Sugar hit)

The surprising bit was the wine, I totally feel in love with the tender sweetness and the subtle taste of bitterness. By the end of the night I think I was just a little tipsy, but god that felt goooood!

A sweet selection of gorgonzola panna cotta with caramelised banana, Junmai jelly and shoyu caramel.

When the plate arrived at our table, we fully started staring at the candy floss strings on the top. It was like an angel's hair or something?! I completely loved the taste of the panna cotta, it was absolutely dulcet. The caramelised banana wasn't too bad either, although I find the jelly and shoyu caramel was abit harsh for my taste. Overall it was a superb plate of dessert, you find lots of different flavours in there.

Ground Level, Overseas Passenger Terminal
Circular Quay West
The Rocks, NSW

Phone number:
02 9252 9585

Opening time:
Lunch: Tue - Fri 12pm-2pm
Dinner: Mon - Sat 6pm-10pm
(late night dining on Fri & Sat until 12am)

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Noodle night market

Every year at this time, Hyde Park just become full of people everywhere, just for the noodle night market.

I paused at this stall selling Okonomiyaki, a Japanese style pancake that's been one of my favourite for a while.

Looksssssss gooooooood! I was so hungry while waiting for this, so you can imagine how torturing it was to still take a photo.

Then Bun got this bowl of pho from somewhere, it was quite chilli as usual.

How weird for us to still have room for dessert? Ofcourse we headed down to Chat Thai like we always have.

Staffs there are working hard :)

Bun got this coconut ice cream thing...

What I got? Same thing as last year, and the year before, and the times before....etc LOL I'm addicted to this Thai dessert (at times like this I wish I could fly to Thailand), the mixture of different temperatures, textures and forms just always fascinate me.

Strathfield food festival

It was Sunday and I slept in, and the first thing that comes into my mind after waking up was to get food! So there we were, at the Strathfield food festival.

(It was actually abit different to what we imagined, as I really thought it was going to be full of Korean dishes like chilli rice cake, BBQ pork and chicken etc)

 Firstly we arrived at this stall, and Bun bought his lovely wrap.

It was actually better than I thought, pretty tasty with all the combinations.

I went to get fish balls and prawn balls, they are my favourite! I remember eating them in Asian countries and they tasted totally awesome with the chilli sauce! In here, they gave me sweet chilli sauce, a little bit light but still very nice (anywhere to have them with Sichuan super chilli sauce?).

Ofcourse we needed drink, and this stall seemed exciting with all the tall canes where the staffs squeeze the sweet juice out of them!

We got one original and one lemon flavour, and they were both just as good! But I guess I prefer the original one just because I can't stand too much sourness.

 Look at the line!!! They are all waiting for Hahn's Quality Meat's BBQ! We heard this Korean lady behind us kept saying "Yeaaaah they are famous!"

OMG look at their shirts!! Instead of Oppa Gangnam style, they changed to Hahn's style! The staffs are obviously working really hard under the heat to serve those delicious BBQ skewers!!

Beautiful skewers come to meeeeeee! We loved the beef skewers the most!

Address (Butcher shop):
Shop 4-5
17-35 Parramatta Road
Homebush NSW

Phone number:
(02) 8005 0554

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After all that, we finally ended up to this stall as our last stop. Time for some Malaysian food!

The girl is making multiple Malaysian pancake...

Here is mine! You can immediately smell the butter when you open it up, and then there were the bits and pieces of peanuts. I thought it would be even better if it was sweeter but I still liked it.

It was actually really fun to run around Sydney and participate in those events, the only sad thing is that we didn't get enough time to try out all the Sugar Hits!! No year...


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