Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sparkle Cupcakery and Rekorderlig Cider, Mango-Raspberry Limited Edition Launch Party

From today the 14th till end of November 2012, Sweden's premium cider, Rekorderlig (recently awarded as "Best Cider in Australia") will partner with Sparkle Cupcakery at Surry Hills to launch the lovely Mango-Raspberry flavour cupcake - Limited edition.
This fun and delicious cupcake is based on the Mango-Raspberry cider ingredients, looking forward to delight the beginning of summer with fresh raspberry and mango tastes. The cupcakes at Sparkle Cupcakery are baked daily using the highest quality ingredients, ready to give you a sweet boost of energy for the day.

Not sure if anyone would feel the same way as I do, but I like the sound of anything that's "Limited edition", so I was actually quite excited when I received an invitation to attend the launch party yesterday at Sparkle Cupcakery at Surry Hills (Thank you!!!).

I brought Bun along with me and we arrived with friendly staffs and cups of PINK colours welcoming us after entering the doorway. There they were! The premium Mango-Raspberry ciders from Rekorderlig! The initial sip just brought summery feeling into the air, so refreshing. The light and crisp sensation almost reminds you of a splash of water under the sunlight at a beach party, preparing for the excitements ahead.

There were a whole row of Mango-Raspberry ciders, and we also spotted "The Little Black book" launched earlier last year from Sparkle Cupcakery.

Apart from these Mango-Raspberry ones, they actually have six other flavours!

The crowd got bigger later on, and everyone seemed like they were having a great time :)

Ta-Da! Here it is!! The Mango-Raspberry cupcakes!! I actually like the colours, you can just imagine them popping up in summer your backyard, at your tea table, outdoor weddings etc. I see the burst of yellow colours like sunshine, sparkling brightly when they appears.

Here's a close up of it! It was short, but sweet, the quick indulgence makes it a perfect delight. I can see why some people are so addicted to cupcakes now, as you can probably just sit there all day and let time slip away slowly while you grab several of them. Listen to your favourite classic music, read an incredible book, catch up with your favourite friends, whatever it is, this Mango-Raspberry cupcake will make a great company :)

If you like to try the Mango-Raspberry cupcakes, make sure you pop over to Sparkle Cupcakery before end of this month!! We could see that Sparkle Cupcakery have plenty of other interesting cupcake flavours too, like the Green Tea & Bubbles, Lavender & Honey, White chocolate and Strawberry, Afternoon delight etc. It's probably a good idea to give them a try sometimes too...Mmmmmmmmm.

132 Foveaux St, Surry Hills

Phone number:
02 9361 0690     Mon - Fri 9am-5pm (Customer inquiries and orders)

Opening time:
Mon to Fri   8am - 5.30pm
Saturday  9am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm

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