Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dog Dog Japon

We saw a cute lady standing outside the Skyview Shopping plaza the other day, waving a board with pictures of different hog dogs. This certainly caught our attention when we were having difficulties deciding what to eat at the time. So we walked into Skyview Shopping plaza where the other popular Japanese cuisines located such as Pepper lunch and Menya Mappen. Then we saw this small and colourful shop, presented almost like a doll house with the cute name of "Dog Dog Japon". Seeing how Japanese hot dogs eventually gained its popularity in USA, this new place in Sydney is definitely worth a try (Another place at Chanoma Café also had a small selection of hot dogs).

Dog Dog Japon had a small amount of tables and chairs for a quick meal or snack, although most probably prefer take away. We thought it was going to be easy to decide what to eat, until we saw the menu board and ended up seeing hallucinations of hot dogs swirling around in circles. The range of selection at Dog Dog Japon was absolutely great, we felt like trying out every single one of them!!! Reluctantly, I landed on Cheese hot dog while Bun had a Beef Hamburger dog, along with our chips with chilli tomato salsa topping and a coke.

Chips with chilli tomato salsa topping ($4.90)

It seems like we have seen a lot of chips with topping these days, such as Lord of the Fries and Batch Burger & Espresso. Both of us really liked this one at Dog Dog Japon as we love Mexican style toppings. It wasn't as chilli as we thought, but rather with that bits and pieces of sourness and sweetness from the tomato.

Coke $2.50, Cheese hot dog $6.60, Beef Hamburger dog $6.90

I was staring at the melting cheese, lying lazily on the top, smiling right back at me. I loved everything about this, although I do find it a little bit hard to eat at first due to the size and width LOL. It was very satisfying to swallow every bit of it, and the ingredients were fresh and tasty. The Beef Hamburger was less complex in its flavour, and Bun loved the juicy Beef Hamburger as always.

Dog Dog Japon is somewhere we will definitely go back to, and it might be a good idea to drag more friends next time and share the flavours. There are just way too many choices, and we are totally going to try them all! (This is like when you played Pokémon and you have that mission to accomplish...*grin*)

Shop 6, 545 - 551 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (Skyview Shopping plaza)

Phone number:
02 9261 8814

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Mr C @ The Food Diary said...

Ohh a competitor for Chanoma! Looks like a huge list of different hot dogs :)

Mina D said...

@ Mr C: They were all hard to make a choice!! >< Definitely recommend it for a light snack or something :)