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Assiette (CLOSED 2013)

Assiette is a French/Modern Australian restaurant located at the mysterious suburb of Surry Hills in Sydney. The restaurant has won chef’s hat consecutively in the past 3 years and no doubt it lived up the reputation with high standard food at affordable cost. The restaurant’s appearance was rather secluded and its exterior seemed like a residential house. But people say you can’t judge a book by its cover, immediately after you open that entrance door, you’ll feel the elegance and warm welcome like sunshine on an amazing summer afternoon.

What our first impression about this restaurant was the immediate visual impact of its decorations on the wall, they are so unique and mischievous. Also the gentle surrounding was noticeable, where some couples were enjoying a romantic date, or groups of charming people laughing and celebrating their intimacy.

The tables were set in a classy manner, waiting to present one of the most memorable dining experience in town. We then settled on the choice of Degustation menu ($105 or $170 with wine match) with high anticipation.
The meal started with a round bread roll, crispy and just the right size to appease the empty stomach a little.

Sashimi of scampi with Yuzu vinaigrette and shiso

First dish was a quick one, where the sweetness and sourness of Yuzu combined with the coldness of scampi to leave the tongue tingling a bit afterward. It was almost like inhaling a smooth breeze while sitting at Fish market, where stimulating senses slowly kicks in.

Pyengana on toast with Jerusalem artichoke, mushrooms, asparagus and Pedro Ximenez

My favourite out of all! Such simple component of Pyengana cheese on toast has turned into a masterpiece by adding the Jerusalem artichoke to form a magical hint of saccharine taste. When you sink your teeth into the toast, the sound of its crunchiness just fully heightened your appetite.

Kombu cured Hiramasa kingfish with oyster beignet, black sesame and dashi jelly

The Hiramasa kingfish had a firm texture, and served with rich and clean tastes. One only thing to mention is, it has a higher fat content. The dish was arranged and presented beautifully with a clear and colourful look.

Seared mackerel with Avruga, cucumber, cauliflower puree and dill emulsion

When this dish arrived, it instantly reminded me of a peaceful garden with trees, grass and rocks. The Seared mackerel was tender and everything else has turned out well. Although some may find the dill emulsion can be a wild card and may or may not like it on your tongue.

Panfried mulloway fillet with octopus, chorizo, cous cous and saffron mayonnaise

I found this dish was quite interesting as I often don't get much opportunities to eat meat along with seafood, especially with the addition of Indian and North African flavour. With the moist chorizo, the chewy octopus, and the delicious mulloway fillet sat on top of the cous cous, there goes an instant flame on the plate.

Rangers' Valley Wagyu bavette with beef cheek, kohlrabi, broccolini and shitake caramel

This was a very fulfilling dish but can be abit greasy if you eat it continuously. I had a funny feeling toward this dish, where I found the initial bite was superb but gradually decrease its attractiveness. Although I have to say I did enjoy the tempura broccolini at the top.

Pre dessert - orange sorbet
It was nice and cool and gets rid of any unnecessary flavours that are left in your mouth.

Bitter Chocolate cake with chestnut puree, raspberries and vanilla ice cream

Not sure whether it was because we had too much expectations on dessert, or was it the idea didn’t burn into our minds that much. I thought it had a creative mixture of sweetness, sourness and bitterness, but there are definitely other desserts out there that can beat this one.

Banana flavoured Marshmallow (complimentary)

The marshmallow was very spongy, and the banana flavour was satisfactorily spread over the surface.

The staffs were polite and cheerful from beginning till the end, and we see everyone walked out of that door with smiles on their faces. So I would recommend this restaurant to others, perhaps not the best degustation, but certainly a top valued one.

*Menu changes according to season

48 Albion Street, Surry Hills NSW

Phone number:
(02) 9212 7979


Opening hours:

Thu & Fri 12pm - 3pm

Wed - Sun from 6pm

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