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Chat Thai - Westfield Sydney

If I could use 3 words to describe Chat Thai, it would be lively, delightful and approachable. Winning many awards for its sweets and being a popular stop for cheap eats, Chat Thai tables become more and more demanding as time goes on.
The restaurant was casual, welcoming, and full of energy all around the place. You can easily walk in and find something that captures your attention. Like the tints of yellow colours, the odd decorations on the wall or even the cup like below...
 I found this quite amusing to be honest, as usually you would expect a plain glass or plastic cup to contain water. Those patterns fascinate me, and they really made me felt like I'm in the middle of Bangkok with revolving sounds of friendly Thai locals.

You just can't help it but to stare at the yellow colours that stood out on the tables!

I can tell you this straight, this was probably one of the very few times where I had no clue of what am I going to pick from the menu. Why? Because I wanted to eat everything!!! As for sweets-lovers, I guarantee that when you land your eyes on the wide selection of desserts, your brain will become malfunctioned!

Watermelon Blend $5.00

This drink was very cool and refreshing. Perhaps you will need this if the table is going to be bombarded by spicy dishes.

Todt mun goong gaeng keaw $16.00
fried green curried prawn mousseline, drizzled with pickled plum sauce

The starter was a surprise, as we didn't expect the serving portion to be so generous. The prawns were quite big for a bite, and they were beautifully cooked. The crust was thin and crunchy with a moist core of prawn, and the addition of chilli sauce just fully brought out the flavours.

Curries & Soups:
Gaeng daeng bped $20.00
red curry of roasted duck with pineapple and holy basil

Beware, this dish is HOT! I found the initial taste wasn't too chilli, but it gradually builds up. Soon you will find the chilliness swirl up like hurricane in your mouth, and yes they do burn! I dare you to try those lychees hiding around the basils! They were like spicy bombs that explode instantly! The only thing was that there were only few small pieces of ducks which wasn't enough for 100% satisfaction.

Bangkok Wings $13.50
lightly battered and fried chicken wings

I can't let go of fried food, and fried chicken wings was irresistible. You get quite a big bowl full of chicken wings, and it was a decent amount to make you burp sooner than you think. Dip in that chilli sauce! You will love it!

Khao nieaw sangkaya $4.50
sweet coconut milk infused sticky rice and coconut custard

We had a hard time trying to decide what dessert to get, everything seemed good by their descriptions. So finally we came up with this one wasn't too bad. The sticky rice was as good as it could get, and the layer of coconut custard was gentle on the taste bud. But I will definitely come back here to try some other desserts in the future!!

What to conclude about Chat Thai? It suits people who like crowd, who love noise, who totally adore vibrant atmosphere! If that's you, this is the place to go for some good food at prices that make you smile. If not? There are plenty of other choices on the same level.

Level 6, Market Street
Westfield Sydney

Phone number:
(02) 9221 0600

Opening hours:
Open everyday
Lunch: 10am - 5pm
Dinner: 5pm - 10.30pm

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