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This restaurant had a really relaxing atmosphere, where you will hear classic music as soon as you walk in. The place was spacious and we were one of the first few customers to enter so it felt even bigger with the empty tables. We arrived about 6pm on a lazy Sunday night to try out the Early-bird special for 6-course menu, it was at $55pp where usually at $68pp (with wine for $90pp where usually at $113pp).

Oh don't we all love complimentary dish? The one from Waqu was actually quite cute, a small crunchy pastry with nuts inside to delight the night.

Jerusalem Artichoke soup, mushroom puree

When you see this soup served in a cocktail cup, it just makes you want to sip it down straight away. Although the use of a spoon will help to build up the indulgence of  flavours and allow you to become gradually addicted to the creamy taste. There was a hint of sweetness, and the warmth will circulate around your mouth within that spoonful of heavenly soup. 

Prawn + Asparagus + Yuzu
asparagus puree, yuzu sauce + powder, prawn + scallop shinjo, crispy prawn chips

This dish was full of different elements and textures, but it worked quite well together. I loved how refreshing the yuzu sauce and powder tasted, along with the plump prawn and scallop shinjo that fit perfectly into your bites. The only thing I found was a bit of fishy flavour with the prawn chips, although it was indeed very crispy.

Chicken + Duck Terrine
celeriac sauce, fig jam, sherry vinegar marinated grape

This fine looking French forcemeat was lying flat on the plate, together with the sauces and fruits looking like heavy rain drops. I wasn't a big fan of cold dishes but this one wasn't too bad, very faint taste with occasional peppery disruptions.

For course four, you will get a selection between the Pan fried Barramundi or the Poached Snapper:

Pan fried Barramundi
black sesame sauce, butter + bread sauce, smoked bacon foam, sauteed shimeji, 52°C cooked spinach 

What I found very exciting about this course was the foamy substance and the spinach. The foam created that curiosity to find out what's really hidden underneath them, and you wonder how tender would the first piece of Barramundi be. As for the spinach, just as what you can expect, it was so soft and almost melts instantly in your mouth.

Poached Snapper
white wine sauce, clam mirin cream, diamond shell clam, leek and potato mousseline

Funny how I found the supplementary food on the plates have actually stood out more than the main part for both of those dishes. I saw the Snapper as quite ordinary, but I totally loved the clam with the sprinkle of crab meats! It was so fresh and delicate which left you wanting more.

For course five, you get a selection between three dishes including Roasted Duck, Three times cooked pork loin, and the Tajima full-blood Wagyu sirloin.

Tajima Full-blood Wagyu Sirloin ($8 surcharge)
eggplant puree, white balsamic capcicum sauce, seasonal vegetables

This was definitely one of the highlights on the night, it totally deserves the extra surcharge. The meat was medium rare, and a mouthful of juice would squeeze out immediately after the chomp. I would highly recommend this luscious dish to everyone who loves Wagyu.

Roasted duck
red wine sauce, parsnip puree, beetroot crumble

I would say I loved the presentation of this dish. With the combination of vibrant colours and the dusty texture of beetroot crumbles, it was almost like a piece of abstract artwork. Although frankly speaking, I thought the duck itself could be better than this, perhaps more succulent?

Green Tea + White Chocolate Mousse
strawberry sorbet, cassis + ganache, coconut + tapioca sauce

For all the dessert-lovers out there, may I introduce you to the other highlight of the meal? This green tea and white chocolate mousse was unbeatable! The mousse itself was placed firmly and it reminded me of this Japanese dessert called "Yokan" (羊羹),  which is very smooth and rich. The strawberry sorbet and the scatter of fruit pieces were there to cool off and dilute the rich flavour of the mousse.

We enjoyed this dining experience alot, and we found the proportion was perfect. However, for those who have a big appetite, you could find yourself still hungry after all 6-courses. Thus you may like to order some tea or more desserts such as Macaroons after this, and they will have a separate menu ready for you.

*Please note that this special rate applies before 6.45pm on Tue, Wed, Thu and Sun only, it allows a maximum of 6 people per table and all food orders must be placed before 7pm. For further information regarding to other conditions and current menus, please check out Waqu's website.

*Menu changes according to season, the above is winter menu.

308 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest NSW

Phone number:
(02) 9906 7736

Opening hours:

Thu - Sun from 11am

Tue - Sun from 6pm

Closed on Monday

reservations can be made on

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chocolatesuze said...

love waqu! the barramundi looks great, was the skin crispy?

My Hunger will go on said...

Yep WAQU was magnificent!! The skin was a little bit crispy, quite a nice dish^^ Wonder what the next season's menu going to look like....