Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ramen Ikkyu

On this raining weekday, we decided to visit the Ramen place that we have been hearing over and over again recently. We have gone to some places such as Gumshara and Ippudo, but we were still searching for more Ramen. So when we heard about the irresistible Paitan soup (signature soup) and the unbelievable Cha-Shu (soy braised pork), we knew that this visit will be memorable.

It was located at the end corner inside Sussex centre food court, along with loads of other food stalls and large amount of people. The orders can be taken from these touch screens, unless they had special ones such as the ones we have seen below...

On the night they had 2 special Ramen, and Bun landed his eye on the Hokkaido Ramen with Miso flavour and Salmon topping. I was being indecisive of whether to try the signature Ramen or the Chilli Oil Ramen, but in the end I couldn't resist the sound of "Chilli Oil" and the imagination of the flavours in my mouth.

Hokkaido Ramen with miso flavour and Salmon topping $14.00 (Daily special)

Bun's eyes were locked on these 2 floating Salmon as soon as they arrived on the table, and it came with corns and egg etc. It was simpler comparing to the rest of the Ramen on the menu, and Bun said the bowl made him full and satisfied. I loved how soft the Salmon were cooked, as they seemed like they were going to fall off as soon as you picked them up with chopsticks.

Chilli Oil Ramen $11.50 + Extra 3 slices of Cha-Shu $3.00

As we heard the Cha-Shu here was SUPER good, I have decided to order 3 extras for us as side dish, and I am so glad that I did!!! I was staring at the Chilli Oil floating on top of the soup, and ready to drool from eyes, nose and mouth. The creamy broth actually made the chilliness more tolerable, and I totally enjoyed the tiny bit of sweat drops emerging from my forehead. The noodles were lively, like as if they were dancing around when you chew or break them off. I liked the addition of seaweeds and black fungus as they added more textures to the Ramen. Surprisingly I really loved the egg too (as I usually don't really eat the egg inside Ramen), the soft and flavoursome yolk reminded me of the feelings of "home" from my memory, and the only time I actually enjoyed yolk more than the egg white. But of course, nothing can beat the impression of Cha-Shu here, they were incredible. They truly melt in your mouth, and you will get so addicted to the juicy fat bit.

Free Kaedama
The initial serving of Ramen in the bowl can be a bit small for some people, so if you are still hungry, they allow additional order noodles per each Ramen as long as you present the receipt of your order at counter.

After the meal, I felt like this place was special. That feeling was like...when you walk on a road full of dry grass, and then come across that one little, sweet, and colourful flower standing there firmly as if it had lived a thousand years. Well, there goes another place to add to the favourite list.

PS. Chef Harunobu Inukai was there greeting and chatting with customers, he seemed like such a cheerful person :D ( I really should've got a photograph!!!!)

Shop F1A, 401 Sussex St Sydney NSW

Phone number:
02 9281 0998

Opening time:
7 days, noon-8pm until sold out (150 bowls a day)

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MAB vs Food said...

I am a fan of the salmon ramen too! Something different from the usual pork based ramens that I order.

Mina said...

@MAB vs FOOD: true aye?! it was a little lighter in taste but still soooo nice XD