Friday, August 16, 2013

Zenya Noodle Bar

On one of those not-so-exciting weekdays, we wandered around the streets of Eastwood together. After going through a few Asian restaurants, we paused in front of Zenya.

It was a quite typical setting inside, with rectangular wooden chairs and tables sitting neatly across the restaurant. We saw a lot of students and business men having their dinner there at the time, and it was quite full too. We looked through the menus briefly until something caught my eyes, and it was the "Mini Ramen & Mini Curry" set at $17.80. You get the mini curry, mini Ramen (with choice of chicken or pork soup), a drink (choices of coke, diet coke, lemonade etc) and a Vanilla ice cream with a choice of topping.
Mini Curry
Curry has always been one of my favourite dishes, especially Japanese curry. When this dish arrived, I immediately inhaled the nostalgic scent. This was a cute little dish, although not too much meat and vegetable pieces can be found. Regardless, I loved mixing it with rice, as it totally evokes your appetite.

Mini Ramen
The bowl was tall but relatively small, and the soup was about half way of the bowl. I noticed the usual sheet of seaweed, egg, spring onions, pork, bean sprout etc swimming comfortably in the pool of pork base soup. The bowl was generally acceptable except for the which I could not understand why it was so salty!! Oh well, there goes the yolk again.

It was probably not the best Japanese restaurants we have been to, but the idea of the combination dishes was brilliant! It gave people (like me!) who usually want to eat a variety of foods a chance to do so. There were also other combinations of 2 dishes and the usual Japanese dishes to select from.

217 Rowe St, Eastwood NSW

Phone number:
02 9874 2122

Opening time:
Lunch: 11.30am - 3pm
Sun - Thu 5.30pm - 9pm
Fri and Sat 5.30pm - 9.30pm

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Mr C @ The Food Diary said...

That looks likes some pretty decent ramen and curry! :D

Mina said...

@Mr C: hehe not bad, gonna love this combination ^^