Thursday, January 31, 2013

5 types of people that you may find while eating out

These are just some of the people we probably come across while eating out and perhaps they can leave quite a deep impression...

1. The complaining one

I'm sure we will see at least one of those type in our life, the type who complains quite alot. From the flavour of the food, to the lighting of the room and the prices of the dish, also, every single word has to be reported to the poor waiter. Once I remembered this person screamed out for the waiter, and started complaining about how they have been waiting for a century and there were no food served.'s only been 5 minutes. Then there was the "this is not what I expected", "I don't like this", "why is it so hot in here?" etc. Like...really?

2. The smart little person

You see a person from far distance, walking in and start examining the surroundings and then sat down with a polite smile. They tell whoever came with them about the history of the restaurant, the style of the chefs, where they get ingredients from...etc. When the food comes, they explain where they were originated from, how sophisticated the taste was, and everything else you can think of. It should be wonderful to bring one of those type with you if you love studying...they can be a walking dictionary, encyclopaedia, thesaurus, GPS, whatever, you name it.

3. The "Oh-no, I-can't-eat-this-and-that"

LOL if you haven't bump into one of these, then you must be joking! We all have seen those young and beautiful ones being extra cautious with the things they eat. They carefully select their food, no any kind of junk food and fattening substances will make it to their list. They say they are on certain type of diet, or they can't stand the oily stuffs. They worry about their figure and size, when they weigh about 40kg. We sometimes admire those people, for their persistence and determinations. Although...what was the reason to eat out in the first place again?

4. The creative kid

Have you ever seen kids playing with food? They make a panda with their rice and soya sauce or they build a tower with chunks of meat and get so amused when it falls. Once they got sick of that, they started doing Origami with their tissue paper. Now the parents should really watch those kids, they probably going to grow up becoming the biggest designer...or architect...or artist...whatever it is, they got that creative side that they need to explore.

5. The hungry photographer

In the past, maybe this isn't common. But ever since technology evolved, we got all those DSLR, digital compact cameras, camcorders, smart phones etc to take awesome photos of food. You wondered "How can they manage to not eat the food straight away but take photos first?" (While hearing a strong grumbling sound from their stomach and seeing a tiny drool at the edge of their lips) Also, where do they get the flexibility to take photos at 30, 45, 90, or even 180 degree angle? Sounds quite insane? Then here comes the food bloggers, and this is where the motivations come from. WOOOOHOOOO!!

THE END, and thanks for reading.... :P

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