Friday, February 1, 2013

Cheeky chocolate

Cheeky Chocolate is like a mysterious gem hidden in North Strathfield, you probably can miss it quite easily if you don't take a good look around there.

The interior of Cheeky Chocolate was incredible, it was like you walked in some house back a few centuries ago. The ceiling was full of beautiful chandeliers, their dim lights made the whole room more mysterious. Along with the brick walls and gothic chairs and sofa, you felt like you have been transferred into another realm.

I would totally love it if I can have these types of antique-looking furnitures at home, they harmonized very well with the brown and dark interior.

Oops I have accidentally snapped a shot of this lady, the picture at the back of the room was so realistic that it looked just like a real person staring back at you!

Despite the stunning interior design and atmosphere presented, we had a quite confusing time trying to find seats and start ordering. The reason was that no one really greet us when we walked in nor cared about whether we want to order something after we sat down. I guess we were a little disappointed in the service but eventually we sorted things out, and quickly get on with the anticipation of the desserts designed by Adriano Zumbo.

This is how we roll $18.00 - Ice cream Profiteroles with Cheeky Chocolate Sauce 

This dessert arrived in three scoops of Chocolate ice cream inside the Profiteroles that looked like hamburgers, with a simple decoration of Chocolate sauce on the plate. The Profiteroles were puffy and soft, it had a really strange sensation when combining with the frozen ice cream. I found it a little tricky to eat this, obviously you couldn't crunch down the whole thing in one go (or can you?), yet the spoon can only scoop a tiny bit of the ice cream with each attempt.

Read my lips or kiss my cheeks $18.00 - Cheeky Chocolate Sundae with Honeycomb, Crème Chantilly, Peanut Caramel, Raspberry Gel and Banana Gelato topped with Cheeky Chocolate Sauce.
Ummm...a very complicated description plus a sophisticated looking dessert, placed in a tall cup and came in different colours. We had a fun time exploring what was really inside it, and it was definitely amusing to scoop that whole spoonful of various textures. You get the cold ice cream along with the crunchy peanuts and sprinkles of honeycomb, then the sweet flavours of sauce and hint of sourness from the raspberry etc. I wouldn't say this was my favourite, but I'd recommend it to people who love mixture of tastes and layers of textures.
I liked this box we found near the front desk, it had loads of candy in it, wrapped up in pretty ribbons. It's like one of those surprise boxes where you open up and find lots of goodies inside!

This cake looked nice, it was sitting there proudly inside the display window...

Oh there were many Macaroons too! They come in bright colours and looked sweet, perhaps we can try it next time.

Just before we left, we saw some more of their mini cakes, a few looked tempting...oh well, next time!!!

I probably would go back to Cheeky Chocolate, just to try out the other cakes and perhaps the Macaroons too. But we do find the desserts on Cheeky Chocolate's menu quite expensive, the $18 price tag is almost equivalent to some of the desserts from chef hatted restaurants. Although we think this place has the potential to become a stylish meeting point, somewhere people would like to go not just for the desserts but also to appreciate the efforts with the interior designs. I can also imagine people having theme parties there, like you know...vampires!

11 George Street
North Strathfield NSW

Phone number:
02 9764 5966

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Missy Piggy said...

Lol, a dessert cafe for vampires. I love it! The desserts look good, but pricey like you've said. I like the quirky names of the desserts.

My Hunger will go on said...

haha thanks miss piggy :P it's quite an unique place~